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avatarTransformice Q&A


To celebrate Transformice’s 4 years anniversary, we’ve decided to organize a livestream this wednesday April 30 at 5PM (GMT+2).

For those of you who are not familiar with livestreams, it’s a live video including a chat where you can ask any question you have on your mind. We will do our best to answer to as many questions as possible. You will have the pleasure of discovering Melibellule’s beautiful voice and mine!

You can already send your questions via this form:
(we will pick 10 out of them that we will answer at the beginning of the livestream)

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the livestream. We’ll record and upload it on Youtube the following week.

See you on wednesday at this address:

/ ! \ We will only speak in ENGLISH.

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avatarVersion 1.146: Easter event!


Hi mice!!!!

Nice weather is back. Bring some baskets; the Easter egg hunt is open!

The Easter bunnieschickens and bells have worked together all night to get the eggs painted and ready in due time.

Go explore the map 801’s garden, which will be played in regular rooms on this occasion, and find the hidden Easter eggs.

Be a good hunter to unlock exclusive titles and brand-new Easter badges! New special items and a brand-new fur await you in the shop!

All right, I’ll eat my Galak white chocolate egg.

Happy Easter!

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avatarVersion 1.142: Carnaval !!


Hi mice!

You’ve looked forward to it, get dressed and come dance because the Carnaval starts today on Transformice! This year, come enjoy the Bahia Carnaval in Salvador. Salvador? Bahia? Yes you’ve read it well! For those who don’t know about it, Bahia Carnaval is a popular street festival that takes place every year in Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. There are fewer feathers than in Rio, but the party is as much fun!
I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

To be the most stylish mouse of this Carnaval, go to the shop where you will discover brand-new items

Berimbau. A musical instrument used for capoeira which is a mix between dance and martial-arts.
Senhor do Bofim ribbons (literally, the lord of the Good End). This wish bracelet first appeared during the 19th century. Your mouse will be beautiful with one as a headband. Plus, they’re told to give good luck ;)
The tambourine for those who love to make noise and liven things up! \o/

Enjoy Brazilian fauna with the brand-new toucan fur!

Take part in the Carnaval to win not items but exclusive titles and this big event add-up : badges. From now on, win badges during events to add them to your profile. Show to everyone that you were the mouse of the place!


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avatarValentine’s day!!


Love is in the air! And what’s more romantic than a date in Paris? Take your soulmate to the best restaurant in the city, enjoy the beautiful view of the Eiffel tower and whisper lovely words while staring into each other’s eyes.

Strive to be the most romantic lovers, thanks to the Valentine’s French monitor! Whisper sweet words in French to your valentine by typing what’s written on the screen. If you get at least X sentences right, your love will be enhancedand you’ll be granted titles and items.

Take your date to another level. As Papaille and Elise did, ask your lover’s hand in marriage and share your love with the entire community. Click on the “marriage” button (available in the friendlist) to marry your soulmate.

Your bethroded’s name will be visible on your profile and a new icon will appear next to their name in-game. And that’s not all! You will also play together in double shaman maps and fight maps.

Suit up! Put on your best clothes for your date. One brand-new fur and 2 new items are also available in the shop. These items will be available ONLY during the event.

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avatarVersion 1.130: Christmas event!


 Remember Jingle? After hosting the spectacular Christmas 2010 party, he went on a vacation exploring places all around the world. I’m sure several lucky mice had the pleasure to meet him; share your exciting stories on the forums if you did!

Jingle is now back and welcomes you to his modest abode for Christmas. Don’t forget to bring some milk and cookies for Santa Maus and his reindeers!

Unwrap your presents on Jingle’s home to win new hats or share them with other mice to unlock christmas titles!

You can find these little presents on every map – the shaman will have to help you get to them. Enter the hole with a present and a cheese in order to increase your present count. You can see your present counts and several other information in the right corner.

You’ve already won all christmas titles previous years? If you manage to collect them again this year, your titles will get a relooking. As an example, the title “Cookie” will become “Cookie ★”. Plus, the color of the added star will also be special! *-*


This year, we’ve prepared a very special gift for you all. The long awaited Mulodrome that we told you about in 2012 is now becoming reality.

Compete against your friends or team up to vainquish another tribe.

Go to a private room with 9 other mice. There, use the command /mulodrome to create the two teams and start the game.

How does it work?

(Press “play” to join a team!)

  • 1 game = 10 rounds
  • 2 teams
  • Racing maps only
  • 5 mice max by team. You can do a 1vs1 if you wish.
  • System points: 1st mouse to enter into the hole gives 5 points to their team. 2nd mouse gives 4 points, 3rd mouse gives 3 points, 4th mouse gives 2 points and 5th mouse gives 1 point.
  • The winning team is the one with the highest number of points by the end of the game.
  • You don’t win cheese or stats in mulodrome.

Ready… Set… Goooooo! May the best team win!

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avatarTransformice Art #26


Howdy mice! Transformice fanarts are back!

This week, we’ve selected the spookiest fanarts related to Halloween, for the great pleasure of Archain Von Drekkemaus!

This week’s selection features : WiwopNolhyaaMinccinojuicKawinyaRekinnaRaffymiceThemisdolorous,Sweet ThornAywmiPonchuYuyalyCreepycutefuryPerry99Fierying and Milchik !


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Sweet ThornAywmiPonchuYuyalyCreepycutefuryPerry99Fierying and Milchik !


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